The Monolith DeFi account

Everything you would expect from a financial platform, built for the DeFi economy.

At the dawn of a new economy

Here is what you get

The first Visa debit card connected to a non-custodial wallet - the functionality of Visa with the independence of Ethereum.

The complete DeFi solution: swap, spend, earn interest, and borrow from anywhere on the Internet.

A regular sort code and account number, or European IBAN - your salary directly into DAI (coming soon).

Your gateway to the new economy

The Monolith Account

Swap at the market rate with a Dex aggregator (UniSwap, Kyber, Bancor, 0x, Mesh, EtherDelta). No exchange rate markup.

Spend your favourite tokens with the Monolith Card (ETH, DAI, SAI, MKR, TKN, and more).

Earn interest on stablecoins with cDAI and CHAI.

Borrow against your assets with MakerDAO (coming soon).

Trust in tech, not institutions

Finance you control

A Monolith Account connects you to the DeFi economy without requiring ownership of your tokens. As long as there are Ethereum nodes running, nothing can stop you.

The Power of Ethereum in your Pocket

Open Source at the Core

You can check and verify our code or read our external security audits.

We're also based in London and accessible across Europe.

A System without masters

The platform of tomorrow is owned by its users

The problem with banking as we know it is that the profits are for the few while the losses are socialised. Thanks to Ethereum, we can now offer a credible alternative and do much better.

1% of every Monolith Card top-up goes back to the community of TKN holders. In the financial platform of tomorrow, it’s not just the 1% who profit.

Interested in building a system without masters?

Open a DeFi account with Monolith