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Buy, spend or hold crypto and earn high interest.

Visa Debit Card + Ethereum Smart Wallet

Conveniently secure and spend your tokens anywhere.

Buy crypto

Use your Visa card or Mastercard to purchase DAI or ETH at competitive rates directly in the Monolith app.

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Top-Up & Spend

The Monolith Visa debit card allows you to spend your tokens in fiat anywhere.

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Swap Tokens

Automatically get the best rate to exchange your tokens across all DEXs, including Uniswap.

Low Fees

Top Up Card

Fee Breakdown:

  • 0% transaction fee (on all stable coins and TKN)
  • 1% Community Contribution
    (0% with TKN)
  • Network fees (Gas) will vary
Buy Crypto

Fee Breakdown:

  • competitive 2.95% transaction fee
  • Network fees (Gas) paid by Monolith

Fee Breakdown:

  • 0% transaction fee
  • Network fees (Gas) will vary


TKN holders can claim their proportional share on the community chest of the contributions made from card top-ups.

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Safe and Secure

Not only are you in control of your funds, by setting up the security features you are also protected. Not one wallet holder has lost any of their funds after setting the security features.

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